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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone.
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we begin with the burning of the notre dame cathedral. french president emmanuel macron says he wants to see the carted rebuilt in the next three years. ray bogan is live in paris now. >> reporter: french officials say so far 30 people have been questioned, mostly employees of the companies that were hired to do the roof restoration. the french judicial official say the 40 to 50 investigators on the case have yet to enter the monument because of safety reasons. the fire broke out yesterday evening paris time quickly assuming the roof of the iconic cathedral, the spire, one of the building's most recognizable features, collapsed and the inside was gutted but experts say the replacement of the towers can be replicated.
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>> reporter: this morning architects and other officials met at the carted to inspect the structural integrity. officials say the fire may have been caused by restoration work done at the church but the fire was definitely an accident. overnight thousands gathering to mourn and praying the building averages 30,000 visitors a day and those that know it well are calling it a historic los >> it really troubled me. it could have been faster with helicopters and water. >> reporter: some of the cathedral's relics have been located and already people are stepping up to help the recovery efforts. this french billionaire pledged to donate $220 million to help rebuild. >> all people should participate in the fundraiser so it can be rebuilt as quickly as possible because it is a french symbol. >> reporter: throughout the day
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we saw dozens of workers both around and on top of the cathedral. the work is climaxed this afternoon when a massive crane was wrapped around a statue on top of one of the spires. then a group of workers in a big yellow lift sawed the statue off of the spire and brought it down was was likely 300 feet back down the ground safely >> ray bogan in paris. thank you. apple is among the firms pledging millions to rebuild notre dame. ceo tim cook tweeted this this morning saying, quote... ... and a show of support from the united nations to help france however much it can. the you know is waiting to hear
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from french authorities on how the world body can help. the cultural arm of the organization unesco has already offered support. >> with are in contact with experts to assess the damage, preserve what can be preserved and provide short and medium term measures. >> there is also a show of solidarity from the european yukon to give support. here in the bay area many express their concerns. it is not just a cathedral for the religious but part of national identity. >> reporter: the pain was felt 5,600-miles away here in the prayer after the notre dame cathedral was destroyed in flames. inside the cafe bastille, images of the raging fire on
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the televisions on the wall as it ravaged the more than 800- year-old cathedral. some were glued to the screen. the cathedral truly serves as a symbol to those that live in the country and even though that have moved away. >> everything, all the identity of paris is part of notre dame. >> reporter: a popular destination in san francisco, the mini notre dame -- >> this is exactly what it is like. >> reporter: dean young said he was heart broken to watch the cathedral burn and know that prices pieces of history were being destroyed. >> this place means so much to me. i have been to notre dame so many times and know people
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involved >> it suffered heavy, heavy damage. >> reporter: this council general has been keeping a close eye on word coming out of paris. >> the roof which was made of wood from the 13th century is all now ashes. >> reporter: but it is said there is little doubt notre dame will be rebuilt again. >> it is not only a religious building. it is a very sad day for the french catholic community, but it is also part of our nation identity. >> the consulate general tells me he is comforted by the number of messages he has received from americans following the tragedy as the country examines the extent of the damage done to the hundred- year-old facility. in san francisco, andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. a number of bay area buildings are lighting up in blue, white and red to represent the color of the french flag. this is what it looked like at
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sfo's international terminal around 6:30 this morning. san francisco city hall was lit up in the same colors. san francisco and paris have been sister cities since 1997. new at noon, starting next year gun shows at the cow palace in san francisco will be a thing of the past. ktvu fox 2 news' allie rasmus has more on the vote that happened a short time ago. good afternoon, alley. >> reporter: good morning. all seven members of the cow palace board voted in favor of this. in january of 2020 there will no longer begun shows at this venue. venue. the unanimous vote got a standing ovation from the 20 to 30 people who spoke up to speak in favor of the gun show ban and some wiped away tears after the board's vote and consider this a small victory in the fight against gun violence and gun law reform.
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before the board voted on this they heard from people who recounted personal experiences of losing their loved one in gun violence >> 24 years he has been gone. 24 years. i want you guys to look at this. look at this. because this is significant because the saying is buying a gun on the streets is cheap but human life is priceless >> if we step in the right direction we can make changes in california and san francisco. >> i realize this will not stop all senseless shootings but a california state-owned entity should not been used to promote gun sales. a mother who spoke was talking about her son who was killed in san francisco in a shooting the day after he graduated from paramedic school in 2014. members of the san francisco chapter of the brady campaign and "march for our lives" organization told us they have been lobbying the cow palace
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board for this and they say their efforts really intensified after the parkland, florida, shooting last year. they have had a contract to host gun shows here for more than 20 years. there is one more scheduled for the cow palace in september but the contract expires at the end of this year. starting in 2020 their contract will not be renewed and no other gun shows will happen as the cow palace. we have reached out to  spokespersons and representatives from the crossroads of the west gun show. they told us they will get back to us later in the day with a statement so we will be back with that then. the dunbarton bridge is back open in both directions after a semi-truck jackknifed and closed the eastbound lanes for several hours during the busy morning commute. it happened around 5:30 this morning and the freeway did not reopen until 8:15. safety officers have not said
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what caused the semi to jackknife. neither the truck driver or other drivers were injured. today marks 100 days since governor gavin newsom was sworn into office. he is in san bernardino today for a roundtable discussion on homelessness. the proposed budget includes a half a billion dollars for emergency shelters and he wants to increase funding for public education and health care. the governor will release a revised budget next month and the legislature has until june 15 to propose the fiscal budget for the next year. ear.
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new information about an attempted kidnapping in san francisco >> they said please, please, someone help me. >> at 12:30, how a good samaritan stepped in to help after a toddler was taken from his mother. plus, a tough loss for the golden state warriors. what we are learning about center damar cuss cousins after he sustained a injury in last night's game. and get ready for a warm-up later this week. how warm temperatures could climb in some parts of the bay area.
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well, today the warriors have the day off after blowing the largest lead in warrior's play-off history. >> yes. they had a 31 point lead midway through the 3rd quarter, then the clippers scored 85 points in the second half, stunning the warriors with a 135-131 loss. >> yes. now more on the loss. i was one of them, working the morning show i turned it off >> you said you were speechless. you have to find words. >> i was speechless. i tell you. everybody had an opinion on this. listening to talk radio coming in. everyone is trying to figure out what happened, right? so, what did happen? listen, i think this is sort
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of half warriors, half clippers. we are learning about the clippers. this is a comeback game, folks. the warriors clearly blew it with 16 turnovers in the second half, but they went down 28 to boston and came back now to have three comeback wins in a span of six games so that is the play that put the warriors up by 31. then the turnovers started happening. curry got in foul trouble, that bucket closed the gap to 14 at the end of the 3rd. 22 turnovers total. so, that is the shot that tied it up by lou williams. the warriors did not go away. here is the shot of the game, landry shammot, a rookie, knocks the 3 down to give the clippers the lead for good. clay had a look at it but it didn't fall.
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the clippers outscored the warriors 72 to 37 from the mid 3rd quarter on. the series tied at one. here is coach kerr and steve curry to dissect it. >> a 31 point lead, and the wheels fell off. so, i know we can get it back. again, the locker room was down, as it should be, because every game matters to us. we just have to bounce back. >> once you lose momentum in a game against a really good team, it is hard to get it back. and so we really lost this game mid 3rd quarter when we stopped playing >> and that is a strong thing for a head coach to say, that they stopped playing. but bad habits die hard. we all have watched the warriors this year. they have, what, six losses of 20 points or more. this has been a very stranger year for them. they haven't been as locked in
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as year's past. how can a team with this muchtality blow a 31 point lead? this is a team that is primed to blow it because they take time off. >> maybe they needed this. it is early in the play-offs, it is the first round. every now and then a team needs to get hit pretty hard -- >> a wake up call. >> right. to climb back up from here. >> i hopeful you are right. like i said bad habits die hard. i hope it isn't emblematic of the warriors. we talk about hitting the switch. they could not hit the switch the whole second half. >> i wonder if it is one of those things, they have been saying the whole time, we can't take it from granted, it is not coming easily. this is really showing them it really is not going to. >> listen, the clippers are the biggest underdoing in the first round in 30 years.
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a 100-1 first round underdoing. i think they had ultimate disrespect for the clippers. this is a very embarrassing loss. if this doesn't wake you up that clearly you won't do well. >> and what about cousins? >> he had battled back from the achilleas tear. this is his tenth season in the league, second play-off game. the mri just came back this morning he suffered a left quad tear. so, a torn quad. the warriors aren't ruling him out yet for the entire play- off. you can see the imagine of his quad there, rolled up, but more than likely he is done for the season. they want to reevaluate him in a couple of weeks. the warriors don't want to just say he is out, but i mean, with a left quad tear. >> and they had the documentary on him and the rehab in the documentary and now here he is in the second game. >> it was going to be a bittersweet thing. and now everyone had to rewrite
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their stories last night at oracle. just a shock that they lost that game. >> the play-offs are exciting when they are not a sure thing, too. we will just go with that. >> thank you. i like that. >> thank you, jason. let's talk about this weather, we are having a -- >> well, a little spring system for april went by late last night to early this morning. it lingered a little longer up in the sierra nevada. it is all gone for us. the snow continues in the mountains, sugar bowl 4 inches of new snow, squaw with 5, sugar bowl 4 to 5, kirkwood along with sierra tahoe. they are not done yet there. were chain controls for a while, as well. our rainfall really favored morin county around mill valley and mt. tam. other totals... ...
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where does that put us for the rainfall? san francisco just went above, a week or ten days ago. oakland is up to 19, 100%. san jose.001 thigh of the 15th for the season. now the cool temps are on their way up big time for the next 48 hours. the patchy low clouds around. we are running from 1 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time when temperatures were in check with a lot of 50s. now we are seeing more in the way of 60s. we are on our way to upper 60s and tomorrow it will be 70s. the system is diving down in the desert. high pressure is in our near future and kicking in a little bit today. it will really start kicking in tomorrow.
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60 on the high temps today. a little more than a breeze but nothing more than we have seen this month already. sunshine and warmer temperatures. yes, some inland locations on thursday will bump up to the low and mid 80s. doesn't last long. we will start to ease back. nice on friday as we go into the easter weekend. it will be cooler and a little breezy but it does look dry, you guy. >> thank you, steve. well, the san jose sharks are looking to eat up their series against the golden knights but san jose will be without one of its stars during game 4 in las vegas tonight but center joe thornton was suspended for one game because of a hit. it all happened during game three. league officials say this hit was avoidable, so the sharks can trail the golden knights two games to one in the best of seven series. the sharks are holding a watch party outside the sat center.
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well, what a company is doing to make sure their ride services are a safer option.
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. lyft is rolling out new safety measures, doing daily monitoring risks. the changes after a college student in south carolina was killed when she got into a car she thought was the uber she had ordered. california's biggest cattle operation is being sold. harris ranch beef company has an 800-acre facility that is being sold to the central valley meat company based in the city of hannaford. no word so far on the price of the deal. and the contra costa health department is have a placard inspection system to include food trucks. they will be conducting regular health inspections of mobile food facilities, posting green, yellow and white placards on the vehicles to
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signify the results of the inspections. red will indicate closures due to major health violations. yellow will mean the business owner was able to fix a health violation, and green mean not problem or so minimum problems were found. some financial experts say it could be too expensive to live a middle class life right here in the bay area. in some bay area neighborhoods it take as $60 hour salary to afford a basic two bedroom apartment. to achieve what has now become middle class in the bay area, a person's salary would need to grow to around $200,000 >> you are looking at a very high cost of living. if you have that, then, you know, you end up probably making what other people would consider to be a significant amount of base income, but then trying to make that base income stretch >> the main reason for rising costs experts say are high prices and limited bay area housing. new information about an
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attempted kidnapping in san francisco. how a father chased down a man who tried to a toddler. >> plus, firefighters finally getting a look actually inside the notre dame cathedral in paris one day after it went up in flames. the latest as help from around the world continues to pour in. each morning, people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule.
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here you can see a picture of the notre dame cathedral. french president emmanuel macron says he wants to rebuild now more than 24 hours after the cathedral was destroyed by fire. support from all over the world is starting to pour in as the sun has gone down there in paris. ktvu fox 2 news' sara zendehnam has more. has more.
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♪>> reporter: from the moment the fire started to now, support for the iconic notre dame cathedral is rolling in. >> we are already in contact with experts and ready to set a emergency mission to assess the damage, preserve what can be preserved and present short and medium term measures. >> reporter: world leaders, companies and pro dominant people vowed to repair what was lost at the notre dame cathedral before the fire was put out tuesday morning. >> we will call upon the best talents in the world so that we can rebuild. >> reporter: apple's tim cook tweeted the company will donate to the rebuilding efforts to quote help restore notre dame's precious heritage for future generations. as the world stands in solidarity with france, 50 investigators are working to figure out how the fire started. a paris judicial official says investigators have already questioned 30 people, the
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majority the employees working on the $6.8 million renovation. five different companies were part of the project and one company representative said all security measures were taken and everyone is cooperating in the investigation. prosecutors say the fire is likely an accident and there is no evidence of arson. one expert says it is possible to have the old notre dame left. >> they can make a replacement due to pictures. >> prized artifacts have found a new home. items rescued from the fire were moved to city hall today. the paris mayor tweeted video of the items being wrapped and loaded onto the truck headed to the louvre museum where they will be dehumidified,
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protected and restored. restored. in a note of condo lanes, pope francis said the fire was particularly devastating as it came during holy week. a follow-up to the story we reported at noon yesterday. new details from san francisco about an attempted kidnapping and the good samaritans that captured the would-be kidnapper. we talked to witnesses that heard the screams from the victim's mother when her child was snatched last friday at the busy intersection of market and castro. >> we passed the woman with her children. >> reporter: this couple had just passed the mom with an infant in a front pack and a toddler by the hand when they heard a struggle and looked back. >> she is screaming please, please, someone help me we noticed a man quickly walking
12:34 pm
by us with a child in his arms just like this. >> reporter: adam and selena are parents to this 4-year-old. just as swiftly as the man grabbed the boy, 34-year-old australian roscoe bradley holyoake turned him loose. >> the man let go of the boy, gave him back to the mom, turned and smiled at us and took off running down the street. >> reporter: running down the middle of 17th street with adam walker and another witness chasing him and calling to others to help. half a block down with several people on his tail he gave it up. >> he put his hands up and said all right, i am done. he obeyed my commands. i was telling him to walk over to the sidewalk, put his hands on the wall and get on his knees. >> reporter: nothing was said before police arrived in honestly, we were catching our breath. we were all out of breath. >> reporter: you can't imagine it happening toyou, sabrina
12:35 pm
said as she stayed with the distraught mom. >> if no one got him and he got away with it, it could be someone else's child next time. >> reporter: nvestigator are looking into holyoake whose facebook shows he worked as a deejay. no word yet on his background or time in the u.s. but he is jailed on a half million dollars bail for attempted kidnapping. >> we don't know what started this, why he decided to grab the child, so we are trying to figure out some of the details now >> reporter: adam walker is a dentist in san francisco with no law enforcement background but the right instincts. >> when you have a child of your own and see something like that happen, something else kind of takes over and you act from your heart, not necessarily from your brain, so, fortunate everything worked out and no one got hurt up. >> reporter: deborah villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. local police are cracking downside shows after a fiery
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side show scene over the weekend. sunday night a big rig was carjacked and looted and an ac transit bus was set on fire. now how first responders avoided gunfire at 42nd and international while they tried to clear the way for firefighters to put out the flames >> reporter: this was the chaotic scene on east oakland sunday night as an ac transit bus went up in flames during a side show. that wasn't all. there was looting. even gunshots. officers pelted with rock, bottles and fireworks. >> we have been dealing with side shows for decades but the criminality and the boldness that has gone on the last couple of years has gotten way worse. >> reporter: it happened during a side show at 42nd and international in oakland. more than a thousand people converge tonight intersection, both drivers and spectators. at one point people carjacked the driver of this big rig at gunpoint as he was making a delivery to his final store. >> once he was removed from the vehicle his truck was set on
12:37 pm
fire. inside the contents of the truck were paper goods. >> reporter: the truck's cab was destroyed, flames spread to the 60-foot transit bus destroyed. a sheriff's deputy fell and injured her knee while responding to the spectacle. >> you are talking a crowd of a thousand-plus people. there weren't enough officers to even begin to deal with something like this. >> reporter: but authorities say that will change. local law enforcement are working together to keep future side shows treated like large scale protests. >> we will deploy units and vans likely when we see mass demonstrations. you will see air support -- >> reporter: but the damage has been done. this is what 42nd and international looked like a day after the incident. we found these women cleaning up. >> it is our neighborhood. it is our responsibility to help out whatever possible. we decided to posse up together over instagram. >> reporter: there was a side show at the same spot the
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weekend before, with drivers doing donuts and crowds cheering them on. city council members say they want to put up things like plantar boxes to discourage side shows. >> international and 42nd is out of control. it has been out of control. the only action we can do is create the barriers for the side show. >> reporter: beginning this weekend officers will be out in full force. if cars are towed they will be impounded for 30 days and it can cost $1,300 at least to get them out. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news at the sheriff's office. governor gavin newsom says he does not plan to block forested areas at high risk of wildfire because he says living near nature is embedded in southern california culture, making the address despite suggesting buildings in high risk areas in a report released last week about the governor's
12:39 pm
claim of growing wildfire threats. threats. now he is saying californians should build smarter and closer to urban centers. >> i have never seen people fleeing the way they were. it was up to the roadway and in some cases on the road. i have never seen devastation like that. >> the california highway patrol released its new videos about its efforts on the day last november when a camp fire erupted in butte county. dozens of chp officers were deployed to assist in the evacuation of paradise and surrounding areas. >> i remember seeing a cal fire truck come down through the skyway. and i stopped him and said is that makeable? can we drive true there? he was like it is kind of sketchy, it is kind of treacherous, but you can try. we said we got to get these people out of here. we drove and like he said,
12:40 pm
there was fire everywhere and bolders. we were doing round robins because they would freeze. we came up to multiple people that were stopped and frozen because the fire was surrounding them. we yelled on the p.a. keep going, keep going. i think we probably got at least 200 cars through there >> although this was the deadliest wildfire in state history with 86 lives lost, first responders were able to successfully evacuate thousands of people from the area. and happening today, the oakland city council will debate a new resolution to pay for critical programs in oakland public schools. last month the oakland unified school district cut almost $22 million from its budget. today several council members will announce a new resolution to raise money for the schools and bring back funding to the restorative justice program and the foster youth kids management program and funding for libraries all deeply hit by cuts. had dixie school district
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in san rafael is set to vote on whether or not to change its name. many people argued the name should be changed because it is a reference to the civil war era of slavery. henrietta of the name change say it reflects the district's history. it could take effect this summer and cost about $48,000, possibly more due to sport's teams and uniformed attaches to the names. the special meeting is set for 6:00 tonight. the investigations into dozens of swath can as painted all over a san francisco park. up next, how police are hoping to track down the swastika vandals. from rain to sunshine, how high the temperatures could climb over the next couple of days. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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a republican candidate has come forward to challenge melania trump the up coming president race. former massachusetts governor bill wells says he will seek the republican nomination. he says the gop needs to return to lincoln's values of equality and dignity. it is rare for an incumbent president to face a challenge from someone in his own party. and now to sanders, talking about his wealth. >> it came from a pretty good book i wrote. a number one best seller.
12:46 pm
you may want to read it. if anyone wants me to apologize from writing a best selling book, i am not going to do it. we are two days away from getting to read the mueller report or some version of it. more now with the latest from washington. >> reporter: it is probably the most anticipated read to hit washington, d.c. since the kenneth star report in 1998. in an edit version of the mueller report on russian election interference is set to be released to the public on thursday. the justice department says it is redacting a number of thing, including grand jury testimony, material related to ongoing investigations and any other incentive information. president trump calls it on twitter in part the greatest scam in political history. no collusion, no obstruction. and the white house is maintaining the full report will not hurt the president.
12:47 pm
>> he has made a decision and so we consider this to be case closed. >> reporter: democrats have been fighting for the report to be released in its entirety since the attorney general william barr put out his summary of the report condensing 400 pages down to just four pages. >> if much of it can be make public should be made public. >> reporter: attorney general barr says any portion of the report that has to be redacted will come with an explanation. in washington, grif jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. well, a beautiful tuesday on tap after overnight rain lingered into the morning hours and kind of stuck around and
12:48 pm
was partly cloudy. now everything is clearing out. the sierra nevada keeps going on right along here. the totals are just through the roof and they continue to add a little bit to that, so the snow melt that has been great news has been very slow because the water content is tremendous up there. they picked up another 4 to 5 inches of new snow at sierra tahoe, kirkwood squaw and sugar bowl. rainfall by far and away was morin county. morin county. most rainfall is around a tenth of an inch or less but other locations have picked up a third. d. the most i saw was around mt. tam. santa rosa totals have gone well above at 131%, san francisco is above the annual
12:49 pm
rain average, oakland and san jose are still shy. may be tough to get san jose but almost at 15 inches of rain. everything is really a bonus from here on out but oakland and san jose have a little catching up to do to reach the annual average but they have a lot of time to do that. 56 in santa rosa yesterday, 66 today. we are bumping the temperatures up today. same for oakland as maybe the last system for a while. i don't think it is the last one we will see. i think there is is still rain in our future, but it won't be this week, that is for sure. temperatures are on their q&a up from 1 to 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours. that theme will continue. this is the last system really in the series, at least through the weekend. there will be a weak system kind of brushing us on the weekend, but the signature of high pressure says i am on my way, i will be large and in charge and i am building in. as it does it will kick in for tuesday, then wednesday to friday. look at future-cast on rain. i don't see anything here, maybe a tiny bit on saturday north and east, but nothing
12:50 pm
for us is being forecasted. it will be cooler on saturday. so you know it will be much warmer as we head toward thursday. 60s on your temps today. near average to slightly below. they are going above tomorrow and way above for some on thursday. still okay on friday but with the temperatures so cool it doesn't take much to get the fog going, carrying into a cooler saturday. should be a little better on sunday. san francisco police are looking for whoever painted swastikas around buena vista park. crews power washed and painted over the sidewalk yesterday. police do not know of any threats but people say seeing the nazi symbol is a painful reminder of all the evil in the world, especially with the start of passover on friday. >> it is truly the ultimate symbol of evil. for somebody to destroy a public park, really, with that symbol, just has no place
12:51 pm
here, especially in this neighborhood. >> police are asking people that live near the park to check their surveillance camera try so see if they recorded anyone here painting the sidewalks or carrying paint cans. cans. still to come at noon, a rise in the number of measle cases nation-wide. up next we will talk about the impact here in california and the new warning from health officials.
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coming up today as 4:00, officials say there is a growing concern of homeless people surrounding sfo. >> they are looking at the concerns of keeping things clean and getting the people the help they need. that is today at 4:00. the dow is up 50 points. not a lot of movement for the nasdaq or s&p 500. the number of measles cases is still on the rise here in california and across the country. the centers for disease control and prevention released new numbers yesterday saying 555 measles cases have been confirmed so far this year in the united states, up from 465 as of a week ago. there are 21 cases in california, including nine due to an outbreak in butte county, the cdc recommends all children get two doses of measles vs. uc davis researchers have covered a new drug that will help tens of thousands of women that suffer from postpartum depression after giving birth. here is the story. >> reporter: after six years in the laboratory at uc davis, this doctor has invented the
12:55 pm
first drug approved by the fda for postpartum depression. >> it is administered intravenously for two-and-a-half days. >> reporter: 50 hours of non- stop treatment from a drug made from a natural hormone the body manufacturers automatically. tests show dramatic improvements in hundreds of women. >> they went from being moderately depend depressed to pretty much a normal mood. >> it can be mood issues, irritability, anger, rage, things you don't normally get upset about, you feel like you did something wrong, like a bad mom that, they are not enjoying every moment. >> reporter: but o'brian says the new drug provides new hope for moms and dads. >> any time there are new resources it is important to parents. i have moms that try everything and nothing seems to make it better. >> reporter: the new drug
12:56 pm
should with available in three months at a cost of roughly $34,000 per patient without discounts. happening todd the oakland as will unveil a new sensitivity room at the oakland coliseum, a quiet space that will cater fans of all ages with autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, down syndrome and dementia. it will feature noise canceling headphones and other tools to help the visitors stay calm and it will be available to fans at every game. the team will host the annual autism awareness day this saturday. a golden retriever is resting up after cheering on runners at the boston marathon yesterday. meet spencer, decked out along the route. the owner brings him and another therapy doing to the race to motivate runners. this is spencer's fourth time at the marathon. great to see. never ran a marathon, have
12:57 pm
you? >> just a half. half too long! [ laughing ] >> a half longer than me! thank you for watching! we will see you back here at 4:00.
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dr. oz: a real-life fatal attraction. >> she was focused solely on dave. dr. oz: a story so twisted, could the accused stalker just be another victim? >> i've been shot. dr. oz: plus. >> i'm tired of not talking about it. dr. oz: abused as a child. >> i thought she loved me. dr. oz: by pedophile nun. >> that is not a relationship. that is sexual abuse. dr. oz: coming up next. >> ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now. to help peopleor heal


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